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Chapter 76-01-01

76-01-01-01. Organization of board of registration for professional soil classifiers.

1. History and function. The 1973 legislative session passed legislation regulating the profession of soil classifiers, codified as North Dakota Century Code chapter 43-36. This chapter requires the governor to appoint a state board of registration for professional soil classifiers. The board regulates the profession of soil classifiers by registering professional soil classifiers and certifying professional soil classifiers-in-training.

2. Board membership. The board consists of five members appointed by the governor. Three members are professional soil classifiers. Members of the board serve five-year terms, and one term expires each year.

3. Secretary. The secretary of the board is elected from board membership and is responsible for administration of the board's activities.

4. Inquiries. Inquiries regarding the board may be addressed to the secretary: Mr. Kenneth W. Thompson, Secretary Board of Registration for Professional Soil Classifiers 1141 12th Avenue West Dickinson, North Dakota 58601

History: Amended effective August 1, 1990.

General Authority: NDCC 28-32-02.1

Law Implemented: NDCC 28-32-02.1

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