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Chapter 4-12-16

4-12-16-01. Resident North Dakota printers.

1. Resident North Dakota printers must do any printing not done by the central duplicating service of the office of management and budget, unless circumstances exist under which it is determined to be not practicable. These circumstances include: a. When North Dakota printers are not capable of providing the required printing services at a reasonable price or meet the required delivery schedule; or b. When specialized printing services are required and there is a lack of qualified North Dakota printers that provide those services.

2. Bids for printing services may be rejected if the printing will be done by a nonresident printer, unless otherwise specified in the solicitation.

History: Effective August 1, 2004.

General Authority: NDCC 54-44.4-04

Law Implemented: NDCC 46-02-09, 46-02-15, 54-44.4-02, 54-44.4-04, 54-44.4-05

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